Ankle Update

About two weeks ago my work was having some construction done outside our main entrance door.  On that Friday afternoon, they tore up the sidewalk and yellow taped off the stairs up to our cars.   When it came time for lunch I decided that I was not going to walk all the way around and walked up the flower beds to my car successfully.  An hour later I came back and decided to walk down the same flower beds.  Step one, done.  Step two, pop and falling backwards.

I sat there for a moment thinking I wasn’t going to be able to walk.  I was getting light-headed and sick to my stomach.  I mustered up the strength to walk in the office and to my desk.  I calmly said to my co-worker that I just sprained my ankle and that I was sick to my stomach.  I just sat with my head down.  The pain slowly passed and I was able to walk with a limp the rest of the day.  I got home and elevated my foot and stayed off it all night. 

Saturday was the balloon race and my foot was really sore and swollen, but I could still walk.  Over the last two weeks my ankle has been sore to touch and it won’t completely bend.  I’ve been wrapping it for extra support but that hasn’t helped much either.  I’ve sucked it up and finally went to the doctor.

Both the doctor and the physician’s assistant could see the swelling and were concerned about a possible break.  I was sent for x-rays of my foot and ankle to assess the damage.  The x-rays came back negative, thankfully.  I’m now wearing an air cast and tennis shoes to help out and I need to be icing my foot night.  The icing my foot hasn’t happened as much as it should but I’m working on it. 

Hopefully, I’ll be able to fully rotate my foot again.