17 Weeks

Baby update!  We went to the doctor this week for a 17 week check up and QUAD test.

Size of Baby: Sweet potato (5.5in, 5oz)

Total Weight Gain: Gained my 2lbs back

Continuing Symptoms: Not sleeping well, frequent urination, some nausea

New Symptoms This Week:  Legs are a little stiff when I wake up at night – taking extra calcium to try to reduce that

Maternity Clothes: Haven’t bought any new clothes but pants are finally getting tighter

Sleep: Still exhausted and in bed by 8:30PM but I wake up so often to go to the bathroom at night and hear the dog moving that I’m sometimes unable to get back to sleep.

What I’m Eating: This week I’ve been eating Chef Boyardee ravioli’s and goldfish.  I think I have the appetite of a 5-year-old.  But at least most things aren’t making me sick to my stomach.

Cravings: Goldfish crackers, ravioli’s

Movement: not sure if I’m feeling movement or gas movement

Labor Signs: Nada