First Fish Fry

Since I’ve moved back to St. Louis I have gone to the fish fries at my old grade school every Lent.  In fact, it’s something Zipf and I look forward to every year.  So when I told Zipf I was pregnant, she came up with the best baby gift.  She got the baby a “My first fish fry” onesie, in St. Gabriel blue and gold.  It was perfect, we just needed to wait till Gabe was big enough to handle the large crowd.

This weekend Gabe was almost 5 weeks old and ready to try the fish fry and see what the big deal was.  He sported his onesie and headed in to meet Zipf.  Gabe was very popular with the regulars at the fish fry and lots of people came up to ask about him and how old he is, his name, and then they saw his shirt.  Everyone thought his onesie was very creative and he was the talk of the fish fry.  And really, with as cute as he is, he really didn’t need the onesie for help.  Thanks Auntie Zipf for my awesome shirt!  Now it needs to get warmer for Gabe to rock his Happy Hour onesie.

Gabe's First Fish Fry

Gabe’s First Fish Fry

Gabe and Auntie Zipf

Gabe and Auntie Zipf

Gabe and Uncle Mike

Gabe and Uncle Mike




Columbus Day

This year the Columbus Day parade was held the week after Columbus Day.  The reason was the Sunday before Columbus Day was Buena Festa on the Hill.  So we adjusted and made our way to our normal seats, right in front of my cousin’s pizza place.


Debbie greeted us and said we could sit anywhere.  Which was nice since she had her table all marked reserve, unless you were a customer.  We got our table and had our appetizers brought to us in plenty of time before the parade actually started.

This year’s parade was a little better than last year.  The huge Schnuck’s shopping cart made an appearance as well as the Shriners.  It seemed like there were a few less Shriner’s this year but they still put on some tricks.  I didn’t get my annual Vitale’s Bakery t-shirt this year, instead tons of Tootsie rolls.  It is a great tradition that I can wait for next year.

Before we headed home, we picked up an old picture of Grandpa and his siblings and my great-grandmother.  I’m told it’s one the few remaining pictures of all of them together.  I’m off to make copies for a few people and then hang it back up in Debbie’s restaurant.

Can you tell who is my grandfather?

Happy Columbus Day!

Mom’s Visit

My mom was up here for a week.  We were finally able to tell our parents that we are expecting.  That was a month and half long secret that I’m not sure how we kept.  But once the secret was out I did my best to show her all the reasons why after she retires in December that she needs to move back to St. Louis.

The Saturday she arrived we went to a little French restaurant/bakery that Scott and I found.  They have great Quiche and French onion soup.  I know, it was 100+ outside and we were enjoying soup.  Then afterwards we walked down to the new bakery and got some amazing chocolate mouse cake.  We took that home and then realized that since we had a little rain shower and the temperature dropped we should really go see the Lantern Festival.

On Sunday we went to City Coffeehouse and Creperie for breakfast.  It was great!  Plus it was another place that my mom had never been.  We then went for a relaxing manis/pedis.  Afterwards, we had a big family dinner at our house.

Monday night we tried to check out the zoo and the new seal lion exhibit.  Since it was 105 and the close parking lots were full, we returned to Steak ‘n Shake for dinner.  Tuesday was my mom’s birthday.  We took her to dinner at Zia’s, her choice, and then to Ted Drewes.  The next night we hung out at home and just relaxed.  Thursday, I showed my mom the Mills mall.  She had never seen it, just heard my stories of how big it really is.

On Friday night we met up with the Birch’s.  We met at their house and walked up the street to get some more Ted Drewes.  Scott and I hadn’t see them in a while and it was fun to catch up with all the kids.  By Saturday morning I was dropping her off at the airport.  And still saying that they should move up here.

We’ll see what happens after retirement.


I love cinnamon rolls.  If Cinnabon was a little more convenient it would lead to all sorts of trouble.  It’s very hard to walk pass one at the airport and not get one.  That being said, I’ve been waiting some cinnamon rolls.  Every time I’m in the grocery store and walk pass the tubes I think, those would be great to make.

So I decided to see what Pinterest had to offer in the way of making homemade rolls.  I figured anything we made would be way better than the tubes.  I found a recipe and we picked everything up from the store and Sunday morning Scott made me some cinnamon rolls.  I helped a little, reading the instructions and making the cinnamon filling.  It was tough work on my part.

This is what they looked like.

Summer of Busy

This past weekend started out with the intention of being slow.  That quickly changed after Friday night.

Friday night we headed over to Forest Park to watch Shakespeare in the park.  This year’s play is Othello.

We got there early enough and managed to get a decent spot for our blanket and goodies.  We quickly ate our dinner, salami, cheese, hummas, pita crackers.  It was a great dinner and people watching before the play.  Diana and Chip joined us right before the play started.

The acting was decent.  The actor that played Othello did not break up the lines well in the first act and that kinda ruined it.  But the second act was a little more entertaining.  However, the temperatures dropped to the mid 50s and it was freezing sitting out there.

The good news of the night was that I got to use my seat warmer for the first time.  I never thought that would happen on June 1st.

Saturday morning I got up early and went to Mathew’s t-ball game.  He made some pretty good plays to first base and some solid hits.  I later went to Catherine’s baseball game.  Reily got her hair cut and looks even cuter now.

Once I got home, we decided to try out Bailey’s Range.  A hamburger restaurant downtown.  The food was amazing!  I think the chocolate shakes are as good, if not a little better, than Crown Candy.

Very cool restaurant

We checked out the new stuff at City Garden…



After stuffing ourselves we went to Jenner’s birthday party at her house.  We had some fun hanging out with people we don’t see too often.

On Sunday, we went to the Butterfly House.  I’ve been wanting to go there since I’ve moved back and it was a pretty cool place to check out.  Thankfully with our membership to the Botanical Gardens we just walked in.  There were plenty of butterflies to see and enjoy it.

Sunday night we went back downtown to have BBQ dinner on the roof of one of the loft buildings.  Chip and Diana invited us over for dinner and we were happy to check out the building and get some great food.

All in all it was a pretty good weekend and now back to work.

Memorial Day Weekend

What a great, relaxing weekend we had.  We had nothing planned but pool time and that was enough.  Even our front door bear got in the spirit of the weekend.

We went to Mike and Nicole’s engagement party on Friday night.  It was a nice night and got to catch up with a few people we hadn’t seen in a while.

Gabe’s Kids


Saturday I decided to do a little boutique shopping with Kristin, Zipf and Nikki.  It was a fun trip around St. Louis and stopping in stores that I had wanted to check out. After that we spent a lot of time here:

Nothing is better than just laying on a raft and soaking up the sun.  Thankfully I didn’t get burnt this weekend while outside but the tan is slowly improving.  Scott did BBQ some ribs on Monday.  They were great!  We are hoping to do that again really soon.  The only thing I have a picture of is the grilling pineapple.  That was amazing too.


It was a great weekend and a wonderful way to kick off summer.

Mother’s Day

Scott and I invited his parents over to our house to celebrate Mother’s Day this year.  It was a lot of cooking.  We had a brunch of eggs benedict and fruit salad.  Then a nice round of dirty neighbor, I played pretty good considering the cards I was dealt.

We watched a little of the Cardinals game until it became too much to watch.  And then we BBQ pork tenderloin, made scalloped potatos and asparagas.  The meal was great and then we topped it off with made from scratch red velvet cupcakes.

Batch #1 of the cupcakes

It was a great day and I think our new oven got a great work out!