St. Gabriel’s Picnic

* Half of this post is written by Gabriel – he is becoming a great blogger.

Gabriel has attended his first St. Gabriel School picnic.  It was a success.  Gabe had a very busy day before making an appearance at the picnic.  He went on a 5 mile run with his Dad, while Reily and I walked 3.  Then we went out to breakfast on Main St. in St. Charles at Picasso’s.  We quickly ran home and took a bath with Dad while Mom ran to Target to get a lot of needed items.  After a very short nap, we loaded up the car and headed to the mall to get flip-flops for dad and an accessory for Mom’s outfit.  Then it was on to the picnic.  I met so many people who knew my mom and Zio Andrew.  Everyone said I was a Manzotti, until they saw my Dad.  I watched Mathew and Catherine go on a few rides and then it was back to the beer booth to say my good byes, I’m not used to the heat yet.  Mom and Dad had another reunion to go to so I went home with my Aunt Michelle.  We had a fun night of playing while Mom and Dad had a semi-date night without me.

Below is the only picture my mom remembered to take at the picnic.  You can see the church and the infamous Ferris Wheel from Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch (in a year or so, I might be on the kiddie rides).



First Fish Fry

Since I’ve moved back to St. Louis I have gone to the fish fries at my old grade school every Lent.  In fact, it’s something Zipf and I look forward to every year.  So when I told Zipf I was pregnant, she came up with the best baby gift.  She got the baby a “My first fish fry” onesie, in St. Gabriel blue and gold.  It was perfect, we just needed to wait till Gabe was big enough to handle the large crowd.

This weekend Gabe was almost 5 weeks old and ready to try the fish fry and see what the big deal was.  He sported his onesie and headed in to meet Zipf.  Gabe was very popular with the regulars at the fish fry and lots of people came up to ask about him and how old he is, his name, and then they saw his shirt.  Everyone thought his onesie was very creative and he was the talk of the fish fry.  And really, with as cute as he is, he really didn’t need the onesie for help.  Thanks Auntie Zipf for my awesome shirt!  Now it needs to get warmer for Gabe to rock his Happy Hour onesie.

Gabe's First Fish Fry

Gabe’s First Fish Fry

Gabe and Auntie Zipf

Gabe and Auntie Zipf

Gabe and Uncle Mike

Gabe and Uncle Mike



More Home Improvements

We have changed our house a little more this past weekend.  After having my friend Kelly in town the previous weekend, she gave us a few new ideas on how to rearrange our living room to make it more user-friendly.  With that baby due to arrive any day now, but most likely in a couple of weeks, we had a sense of urgency to get it done ASAP.

Scott built a mantle and placed it on the main wall of the room about 5 years ago.  He loves it and doesn’t understand why not too many other people like it.  I am one of those people who thinks it sticks out and serves no real purpose to the room, unless it’s Christmas.  We do not have a fireplace for this to go around and therefore, it’s taking up a valuable room and limiting furniture positions.  That being said, Kelly suggested a few ways for us to both be happy and get better use out of the room when the baby arrives.

I left the house early Saturday morning to get my oil changed and gas in the car. When I came home, Scott was already measuring on the wall, moved the furniture and was waiting on Mike to arrive. A little after 9 Mike was unloading his car with his tools and they were working on the game plan. They moved the cable wire, outlet and surround sound wires up the wall to sit behind the new TV that we bought. My FIL arrived shortly after the measuring started and was there to help reposition the mantle.



Clearly, everyone got the memo on wearing navy to work on the house.  The mantle survived the move from one wall to the other. And it’s now about 5 inches lower than before. However, no one would be able to know the difference. Scott and I had to leave to attend a “Preparing your pet for baby” class. When we returned home we found the mantle was hung on the wall, all wire were hidden and the tv was mounted. We couldn’t believe how nice and more functional the room looked.


Amazing Friends

We have some amazing friends and family.  I arrived home from work on Thursday night to find a Pack and Play sitting at our door.  I couldn’t believe someone had bought that for us.  Then I went through my list of friends and family and could not figure out who sent it to properly thank them.  After some texting with my mom and removing the contents of the box, I finally found a 210 area code phone number on the delivery sticker.  Then the search through my phone for a matching number came up empty.  More texting with my mom followed.  We finally found the matching number.  The family that I spent a lot of time babysitting in San Antonio had sent us the Pack and Play.  We couldn’t me more thankful of them for send that gift.  It just made me miss the girls even more.


On Friday night I and planned a last hurrah with my old Lindenwood co-workers.  Scott and I headed over to my old Director, Sandi, aka mom, house for drinks and catching up with everyone.  After we got there and chatted for a while I was informed that there were presents for baby A.  I couldn’t believe the planned a surprise baby shower for us.


We got some cute outfits and more bath stuff.  It was a complete shock to Scott and I that they had planned all of this.  We are extremely grateful to have such generous and wonderful friends and family in our lives.

Baby Shower Weekend

I had a wonderful baby shower this weekend and a great girls weekend with my out-of-town friends.  It was a busy weekend and wouldn’t have asked for anything else.

Sam and Kelly arrived Friday afternoon and the fun/catching up started then.  I hadn’t really spent much time with either of them since our wedding.  We arrived from airport pick ups and chatted for a while then it was off to Gian Tony’s for a wonderful dinner.  Gian Tony’s is by far one of the best Italian restaurants on the Hill, it also happens to be in my Great Zia’s old restaurant.  I may be a little biased.  We caught up some more at dinner and then tried to see if Ted Drewes was still open for the season.  We got very lucky, they closed on Sunday!  Ted Drewes was one of the must go places for Kelly and Sam while they were in town and thankfully we managed to accommodate them.

On Saturday my friends hosted a baby shower for me at Joey B’s.  It was just what I wanted.  It was low-key and everyone I wanted to see was there.  We got a back table tha was private enough in case we got too loud.

Diaper Cake from Nicole

Diaper Cake from Nicole

It was a great mix of old friends and new and no baby shower games, which was even better.  We received some wonderful and needed gifts from everyone that came.  I especially loved the “My first fish fry” onesie embroidered in St. Gabriel’s blue and gold from Zipf.  She was right, she did have the best/creative present there.

My First Fish Fry

My First Fish Fry

After the shower, Kelly, Sam and I got much-needed pedicures and a little Target shopping.  Then we met up with Scott and Mike at Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner, football and trivia.

On Sunday, we got ready fairly quickly so we could arrive at Crown Candy just as it was opening for lunch.  I have never been there when it opens but it was well worth the rush.  We walked in and got a table without having to wait in the 25 degree cold.  I had taken Kelly to Crown Candy before and somehow I had never taken Sam.  I think she liked it and she even bought some extra candy on the way out.  We dropped Sam off at the airport and killed a couple of hours at home with Kelly and getting her design expertise around the house.  We now have a few project that we are planning on doing before the baby gets here in three short weeks!

Friday Fun Day

I took last Friday off work since I had to do the 3 hour glucose test and stay at the doctor’s office for those 3 hours and then had a meet and greet with our potential pediatrician afterwards.  It just was easier to take the day instead of rushing to work for a few hours.

I got to the doctor at 8:30 and quickly got started on getting blood drawn and drinking the sugar concoction.  I had 3 wonderful hours of people watching at the doctor’s office.  There were some interesting people coming in and out.  Scott met me at the pediatrician’s office and thus ensued the awkward first date like experience of getting to know her.  She was nice, has been in practice for 10 years and caught up on all the hours of the office and what to expect when the baby is born.

After all that fun we went to lunch.  I was starving since I hadn’t eaten since 9PM Thursday.  I quickly stuffed myself and it was off to the house to relax while Scott cut the grass.  It was so nice outside that I didn’t want to just hang out at home on my day off so we headed to Forest Park.

We checked out the Barocci exhibit at the art museum.  It was very good and loved seeing the sketching before the actual paintings.  We walked around the park for a while and then headed to The Cup for a little treat.

Beautiful day

We killed some time at Bar Louie before meeting up with Kristin and Tom at the SLU home opener.  I hadn’t been to a SLU basketball game since grade school.  It was very entertaining to see all the young college kids getting into the game.

After an extremely busy afternoon, Scott and I were exhausted and ready to get home.  It was a great day off for both of us.

It’s October

I can’t believe it’s October already.  We had an extremely busy last weekend in September and I’m pretty sure things are only going to be busier from here on out.

On Saturday I went with Scott on his weekly breakfasts with Michelle in Soulard.  And then we headed over to the Market to get some much-needed groceries.  We ran into to Kristin down there and stayed longer than we had planned.  We headed home for a little football and napping before going back to Taste of St. Louis.

We ended up getting downtown around 3 and it wasn’t too crowded yet.  We tried a Windy City Dog and burger from Paul’s, gooey butter cake, pulled pork, crab rangoon, and dumplings from the booths.  While we were there we listened to a Johnny Cash cover band on the main stage.  They weren’t too bad.  It was a really nice afternoon to be walking around St. Louis.

Sunday was game day.  Scott was able to get tickets to the Rams/Seahawks game from his boss and it was a great game.  It’s been a while since I’ve been able to say that about the Rams.  We picked up Mike and Nicole nice an early and headed downtown to tailgate a little before the game.  Scott was in charge of the grilling and did a great job.

If you look at the big screen you can see Coach Fisher celebrating.

After the game we met up with Kristin at Ted Drewes and then headed over to Art in the Park.   We were exhausted by the time we got there and the crowds had thinned out, however we still ran into a few people that we knew.  It’s always nice to see the local artists.

What a great way to end September, bring on October!