3 Months

Gabriel turned three months old yesterday.  Since we do not have a three-month doctor’s appointment, I do not have his length and weight stats available.  I do think he is at least 15lbs and probably 24-25 inches long.


Gabe’s new tricks are:

Sticking fingers and hands in his mouth (he has fully found his fingers and loves them, it’s a fight for the hands and food)

Squealing – whether it’s laughing or with his crying, his squeals are multi-pitch now

Smiles – this boy loves to smile


Raspberries – he loves to hear his mom or dad make raspberry noises

Tummy Time – he is getting better at tummy time and is reaching for his toys


Toys – he loves his colored link chain that my mom got him, even loves the rattle noise.

Swing – he is finally big enough for his swing to be fun


And how did we celebrate this boy’s 3 month birthday?  We took him to his first Cardinals game!  What a lucky kid!

After all the fussing over the kid, Reily wanted in on the action…