Mr. Fix-It

Scott has been doing a few last-minute home improvements around the house. After Mike and my FIL came out to move the mantle and hang the new tv in the living room, we decided that we should fill the new hole in the wall and make sure that is baby safe.


Now all we have to do it tape, mud and repaint the entire living room.  Good thing I got a great recommendation for a painter from work.

The other bit of house work that we have put off for a while has been putting the railing back on the wall going to the basement.  But with the kid on the way and both of our dad’s using that rail to get around the house, we thought it was best to re-install it.  So after fixing the hole in the wall, Scott reattached the hand rail.


So now that we have that done we can sit back and do nothing major for a while.  Next up on our to do list is new flooring on the main floor of the house.  Maybe a spring or summer project.


More Home Improvements

We have changed our house a little more this past weekend.  After having my friend Kelly in town the previous weekend, she gave us a few new ideas on how to rearrange our living room to make it more user-friendly.  With that baby due to arrive any day now, but most likely in a couple of weeks, we had a sense of urgency to get it done ASAP.

Scott built a mantle and placed it on the main wall of the room about 5 years ago.  He loves it and doesn’t understand why not too many other people like it.  I am one of those people who thinks it sticks out and serves no real purpose to the room, unless it’s Christmas.  We do not have a fireplace for this to go around and therefore, it’s taking up a valuable room and limiting furniture positions.  That being said, Kelly suggested a few ways for us to both be happy and get better use out of the room when the baby arrives.

I left the house early Saturday morning to get my oil changed and gas in the car. When I came home, Scott was already measuring on the wall, moved the furniture and was waiting on Mike to arrive. A little after 9 Mike was unloading his car with his tools and they were working on the game plan. They moved the cable wire, outlet and surround sound wires up the wall to sit behind the new TV that we bought. My FIL arrived shortly after the measuring started and was there to help reposition the mantle.



Clearly, everyone got the memo on wearing navy to work on the house.  The mantle survived the move from one wall to the other. And it’s now about 5 inches lower than before. However, no one would be able to know the difference. Scott and I had to leave to attend a “Preparing your pet for baby” class. When we returned home we found the mantle was hung on the wall, all wire were hidden and the tv was mounted. We couldn’t believe how nice and more functional the room looked.


Oh Christmas Tree

I’m pretty impressed with how our tree turned out this year.  I did add the silver bells that my mom gets me every year to the tree and the lights reflex off them nicely.  I would love to keep this tree up year round if it was socially acceptable.  I think our living room looks rather boring 11 months out of the year.  I do think Reily is ready for me to either have something else to take pictures of or the tree to be taken down.

The artsy blurred picture

The artsy blurred picture


Who is over tree pictures?  This dog.

Who is over tree pictures? This dog.



Best Husband

Since the weather decided to drop from 80s to 40s in a matter of a day we started to bundle up.  It wasn’t too cold on Friday evening and we went to bed without the heat on in the house.  When we woke up Saturday morning there was a freezing cold dog nuzzled between us.  Since Reily got an extra summer cut late in the summer, it’s a little slow to grow back.

With that being said I was all about turning the heat on as soon as possible.  But I was informed that we needed to get a new filter before doing so.  So, I waited till that afternoon.  Thankfully we weren’t really home much so I didn’t seem to mind.

Scott put the new filter in and waited for the heat to kick on.  Scott did mention that we should have had someone out at the house to check the furnace before doing anything but Mother Nature didn’t wait.  Instead I sat on the couch debating the need for carbon monoxide detectors.  I’ve never been a worry ward on things like this, but with a baby on the way I didn’t want to take a chance.

So, I casually mentioned my worries and to my surprise I was met with agreement.  And a quick trip to Lowe’s we now own 2 carbon monoxide detectors, one for each floor.  It was well worth the sense of relief.

I completely have the best husband ever, for getting up at 8:30PM on a Saturday night, in the middle of the Nebraska game to go to Lowe’s to get these for me!


It’s official we have finally painted the bathroom one color and it looks great!  We had picked out the color about 7 months ago and never really wanted to paint it.  But with my mom’s upcoming visit I figured it was time to get rid of the beige bathroom and add some color.

I was able to tape the room and get everything taken down and then headed out to the pool while Scott sanded and put two coats of paint up.  The blue color we chose was perfect and I could not be happier to see the shower curtain and towel pop.


Stairway to…

If you’ve ever been to our house you know that the basement stairs are not the safest for going down.  I have never had trouble with them, but I know our dad’s have issues going up and down them due to the lack of a railing.  Since we spend a lot of time in the basement, my FIL was able to contact a guy to come out and install a railing for us.

I had pictured just a hand rail on one side of the stairs, what we got was something completely different.  I received text pictures updating the progress and even when I went home for lunch I was not expecting to see the grand staircase.  However, when I got home from work at 5, I was completely impressed by the work John did on the stairs.

We still need to prime them but they sure do fancy up the basement.

Home Improvement

We have finally upgraded the stove in the kitchen.  It was a much-needed purchase and one we’d been putting off for a while now.  But now that it’s here, I have to wonder why we waited so long.  Here is the old stove:

We decided to buy this stove from Slyman Brothers.  And they were great!  We got a deal on the price and no delivery or installation fees.

Thankfully, I was off to get the delivery a day early and was able to clean a bit.  The drivers had the stove in and out within  20 minutes.

Our new stove!