Blues City Deli

How awesome is St. Louis…I mean really?  This weekend fall kinda kicked in and the temps started to drop a bit.  There are all 3 sports going on right now…Cardinals are finishing out their, what was promising season, Blues Hockey has started, well pre-season finally started and lastly there is football.

Friday night we wanted some Pizza and we had to make a tough decision where do we go?  Do we drive down to Tower Grove and go to Blackthorn Pub & Pizza (by far one of the best), my cousin’s Rizzo’s Pizza Station (probably closed) Pi (which location, Delmar, of course) or try Dewey’s.  We tried to go to Pi but the line was just too long.  There was a concert at the Pageant across the street and the place was packed!  So we headed back up Delmar to Dewey’s.  We didn’t have to wait since we sat at the bar and it was so good!

Saturday we went to Blues City Deli’s Street Fest.  We got there a little later than I had hoped and the place was packed.  The line for sandwiches was down the side of the building.  We took our time figuring out what to order…we had time to wait.  I finally went outside my comfort zone and ordered an Italian Beef sandwich that did not disappoint.  We grabbed out food and sat on the curb and listened to live Blues.  It was a mini Muddy Blues and it was great people watching.

Afterwards we headed down to Soulard to get some fruit, veggies and meat.  We have now added meat to our weekly purchases from Soulard.  They are just so much cheaper than the grocery store and it’s just so much more fun going down there to shop than going to Schnucks.  Saturday night we had Mexican dinner at Scott’s parents house followed by from Ted Drews that we brought.

On Sunday Scott and his mom ran in the Roc Star 5k/1 Mile run walk in Forest Park.  Scott’s Dad and I went along for support.  And by support, we hung out until the race started and then hung out in the car and kept warm while they ran.  We did head down to the finish line to greet them.  They, of course, had already crossed the line and were cooling down by the time we got there but we made it.  Both runners ran faster than they had thought!  After the race we headed over to Chris’s Pancake house for some awesome breakfast.  Then it was the laziest Sunday in a long time.  Full of football and naps!

The biggest amazement of the weekend was what was done on the football field.  The St. Louis Rams, behind Sam Bradford, won a game.  Not only did they win, they beat a team that they shouldn’t have.  They beat Donovan McNabb and the Washington Redskins!  Stephen Jackson went out in the 3rd quarter with a groin injury are Darby came in to replace him and he really stepped it up!  Who knows what will happen now.

On the college front, the Huskers also won!  They are 4-0!  Now they have a week off and then it’s on to conference play.  They are still ranked #6 in the AP Poll!



Another Cornhusker win this weekend!  We headed back over to the official Husker watch party place, the Highlander and cheered them on to a sloppy victory over Idaho.  The Huskers went into the game ranked #6 in the AP Poll and #7 in the Coaches Poll.  From the beginning of the game the Huskers had a lot of penalties and looked a little sloppy on offense but Freshman quarterback, Taylor Martinez showed that last week wasn’t a one time deal, he can actually run.  Although he does need to learn a little more.  Overall we did come away with a win, although we might lose a little ground in the Polls. ( we slipped to #8 in the AP and Coaches Polls)