Busiest Labor Day Weekend

I think this year was the busiest Labor Day weekend I have had in a long time, even with Kelly visiting last year.  We had no visitors but we crammed a lot in the 3 days.  I’m not complaining one bit because we were able to do everything that we wanted to do and I was even able to get studying in every day, an amazing feat I think.

Saturday we started out at Soulard, a nice Saturday ritual, and stocked up on fruits, veggies and ribs for Monday’s BBQ.  The place was packed more that usual, especially the spice/coffee store.  But we managed to get out of there with everything on our list. Here is a picture of the meat counter:

Our Ribs

After we finally made it out of Soulard we went straight to St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church for the Greek Festival.

By the time we got there the place was packed and the lines were huge for any type of food.  But we headed for the Gyros and they were worth the wait.  We even had a pastry box of assorted pasties that were awesome!

I headed to Borders to study for a couple hours and Reily and Scott took naps.  I think I got the raw end of the deal but the studying was needed.  After a couple hours of test questions we met up at the Highlander to watch the Nebraska/ Western Kentucky game.  The restaurant was packed when Scott got there, filled with NU fans.  It felt like we were in Lincoln and not St. Louis.  We sat outside to watch the game with a bunch of Huskers, it was great watching the freshman, Taylor Martinez lead the team to the first victory of the season.  And watching them start the season at #8 was even better.  (They are now ranked #6 on the AP poll).

On Sunday we headed back to Borders so I could study some more with my study buddy, Shirley.  We studied for a few more hours and then headed to LeGrand”s for some lunch to go.

We went to the Hill to watch the Gateway Cup.  It was the third leg of the race and by the time we got there the women were racing.  We found a corner and ate our sandwiches and watched.  Then we decided to get closer to the start/finish for the next race.  As we got closer the men’s race was going by and then a man crashed right in front of us.  He flipped over his bike into the iron barricades and landed on his shoulder and started screaming.  They had to stop the race and carry him off.  It was pretty bad but they said he would be ok.  After that whenever the bikers came by I would get a little nervous.  But it was really fun to go see the race and watch the bikers.

After the Gateway Cup, we headed downtown to the Muddy Blues Festival.  There was a band playing on the main stage and you couldn’t even see them.  There were a ton of people there this year.  We decided to hang out at the smaller stages where you could see and hear the performers.  They were pretty good and played songs that everyone knew.  It was great people watching.  Kristen and Tom met up with us after the Cardinals/Reds and a Cards win!

On Monday I headed back to Borders to and then back home to clean and cook for our BBQ.  I tried a new recipe of bacon wrapped shrimp with chipotle lime seasoning.  They were very good and Scott made ribs for the first time that were awesome!  All in all it was a great weekend.  Now it’s time to relax, well kinda.


Owl City

I recently was surfing the net and came across a blog and it had clip of the song If My Heart Was a House and had to find out who sang it.  I used my Shazam app on my iPhone and found out that Owl City sings the song.  After that I checked out the website.


After looking around and listening to some other songs, I decided that I had to download the CD.  Apple iTunes really comes in handy in moments like this.  I just search on my phone and check to make sure the album has the song I like and then download straight to my iPhone.

I have since only been listening to the Ocean Eyes CD, it even made working out fun today!  Thank you random blog for opening my eyes to new music.