Gabriel’s First Cardinals Game

We took Gabriel to his first Cardinals game.  We have been counting down since last summer when I found out I was pregnant.  Taking him to the right game was a big deal.  About a month ago we were offered to buy tickets half off and help Collinsville baseball.  I figured I didn’t want to pay full price when I knew I would not stay for the whole game.

We arrived at Busch Stadium just a little before the start of the game.  We headed to the outfield to watch the players warm up and get a couple of pictures.  photo1


You can tell Gabe is completely thrilled with being out in the sun and having all these people around him.  He was actually pretty content in his Baby Bjorn.  We then walked all the way up to our seats.  They were higher than I had thought, the good part of our seats was that we had the last row.  The bad part about our seats were that it was very windy and cold in our seats.  Even with the sun out, it was still just too cold for Gabe up there.  We managed to get a few pictures in before heading back down.


The view from our seats

The view from our seats

And of course what trip to Busch would not be complete without a visit to the Stan Musial statue.



St. Louis Blues

The Blues are 1 game away from being eliminated from the Stanley Cup Finals.  They have played strong, most of the series against the Kings, but game 6 is back in LA and I just don’t think we have it in us to win it out there.  Since last nights overtime loss was a must win game, Scott and I wanted to watch as much as we could.  And of course, Gabriel wanted in on this action.  He would not go to sleep at his normal 7:30-8PM bedtime.  Instead we let him lay in bed with us while we watched a little hockey (at least the 1st period).  Wouldn’t you know it, the kid likes watching hockey.


Watchin' the Blues with my Dad

Watchin’ the Blues with my Dad

Let's Go Blues!

Let’s Go Blues!


Opening Day

Going to Opening Day for the Cardinals has been a bucket list item for me for some time.  I’ve seen on TV the awesome display of St. Louis Cardinal history and wanted to be a part of it.  My mom’s friend, Sally, gets tickets and goes every year.  This year she bought tickets before her friends and then had 3 tickets to sell.  She asked my mom if Scott and I would like to buy them and we jumped at the chance.

opening day

Opening Day in St. Louis is an unofficial holiday.  People get off work or play hookie from school just to go and tailgate.  There is just so much going on in downtown on that day it’s hard not to be excited (even if you aren’t a baseball fan).  We decided to invite Scott’s Dad to join us for the day, while Nana babysat Gabe.  I would have loved to have taken him, but he is still too small and we would not have been able to stay long.

We got to the stadium about 30 minutes before all the ceremonies started.  We quickly found our seats and Scott ran to get us some much-needed food.  Once he was back the Clydesdale Horse started their strut around the stadium.  That was one of the best moments of the day.


All the players were introduced with a chauffeured ride around the stadium in the back of a pick up truck.  Hopefully, they will get another ride like that in October.  Once they were all dropped off there was an amazing tribute to the late Stan Musial.  The video and banner on the outfield wall was extremely touching.  All 4 of the Musial children were present and helped unveil the banner.


opening day 2

I wish I could upload my video of the tribute to Stan, it brought a tear to my eye watching.  The game was great until the 9th inning.  We decided to leave after 8 innings.  By the time we got to the bus to take us to the car, the bullpen was blowing the game.  The day could not have been any better and I can’t wait to take Gabe to an Opening Day soon.

St. Louis says good-bye

“Here stands baseball’s perfect warrior. Here stands baseball’s perfect knight.”

How much can one city love you?  When it comes to Stan Musial it’s infinite.  He was the perfect fit for a baseball crazed city.  He knew he would stay in St. Louis and build his family here long after baseball.  And the city truly appreciates all he has done.

I first remember hearing about Stan when I was little and getting into baseball.  I grew up in the same neighborhood where he bought his first 2 homes while playing for the Cardinals.  It was a thrill for us kids to ride bikes past his old houses and know that a legend lived there.  Then once I really understood baseball, I was able to grasp the magnitude of how great of a player he was, without the hype that Yogi, Joe, and Mickey got.

Stan Musial has been gone for a little over a week and there are still no plans to take down the memorial around his statue at Busch Stadium.  And every day on my way to work I get to see a city paying tribute to “baseball’s perfect knight.”

Lumiere Casino pay tribute to The Man

Lumiere Casino pay tribute to The Man

Let’s Go Blues!

st-louis-blues1I could not be happier that there will be a hockey season, even if it’s a short one.  Yes, the lock out will affect attendance and fan loyalty, however, I need a sport to take the place of football while I wait for Spring Training to start.  After the awesome season the Blues had last year and then losing to the now Stanley Cup Champs, I’m ready for some fast action on the ice.

The Blues have come out with great commercials to get everyone pumped up for the season.  I love the history of the franchise and can’t wait to see how Hitchcock strengthens the organization this year!

Let’s Go Blues!

Don’t those just make you excited for the season to start?!


Happy New Year!

It was our last New Year’s Eve  without children.  That’s a crazy thought.  Since I’m 8 1/2 months pregnant I did not want to get dressed up, fight crowds at restaurants or even the cold, we stayed in.  And it was totally worth it.  We got about an inch or two of snow around St. Louis and I thought the crazy drivers would be out early.

New Years Eve Snow

New Years Eve Snow

Instead, my New Years Eve plans included taking down the Christmas tree and decorations.  There were so many pine needles throughout the house.  Our living room looks so empty without the huge tree.  I made an awesome ham and potato casserole for our dinner with a movie.  And we finally watched two movies that Scott has been wanting to watch for a while.  We watched “The Quiet Man” and “Kuffs.”  Two completely different movies but both good and entertaining to watch.

By watching both movies, I was able to stay awake till 11!  I huge feat in itself.  So we celebrated New Years with the East coast.  We quickly said good night to Carson Daly (he is no Dick Clark) and went to bed.  Of course, we were woken up at midnight because our wonderful neighbor was shooting off fireworks.

Our New Year’s Day tradition was continued this year.  We went to brunch at Crepes in the Central West End.  It wasn’t our first choice.  Scape was closed this year.  The crepes were not horrible , however, the crepe place in Clayton is much better and bigger variety.

Since neither one of us were feeling great, me with a headache and Scott with cold symptoms, we headed home to find a place on the couch to get ready for the Nebraska game.  I do find it interesting that my body knows its New Years Day and I should have a headache.  That has got to change.

Nebraska played well until the fourth quarter.  Too many costly penalties and turnovers cost them the game.  I already can’t wait till next year.

I am extremely excited to see what 2013 has in store for us.  I have a feeling that it’s going to be a great year!

It’s October

I can’t believe it’s October already.  We had an extremely busy last weekend in September and I’m pretty sure things are only going to be busier from here on out.

On Saturday I went with Scott on his weekly breakfasts with Michelle in Soulard.  And then we headed over to the Market to get some much-needed groceries.  We ran into to Kristin down there and stayed longer than we had planned.  We headed home for a little football and napping before going back to Taste of St. Louis.

We ended up getting downtown around 3 and it wasn’t too crowded yet.  We tried a Windy City Dog and burger from Paul’s, gooey butter cake, pulled pork, crab rangoon, and dumplings from the booths.  While we were there we listened to a Johnny Cash cover band on the main stage.  They weren’t too bad.  It was a really nice afternoon to be walking around St. Louis.

Sunday was game day.  Scott was able to get tickets to the Rams/Seahawks game from his boss and it was a great game.  It’s been a while since I’ve been able to say that about the Rams.  We picked up Mike and Nicole nice an early and headed downtown to tailgate a little before the game.  Scott was in charge of the grilling and did a great job.

If you look at the big screen you can see Coach Fisher celebrating.

After the game we met up with Kristin at Ted Drewes and then headed over to Art in the Park.   We were exhausted by the time we got there and the crowds had thinned out, however we still ran into a few people that we knew.  It’s always nice to see the local artists.

What a great way to end September, bring on October!