1 year

I actually can’t believe it’s been 1 year since we go married!  It’s been a great year with some surprises along the way.  Can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us.

We celebrated our anniversary with dinner on Main St., St. Charles at Little Hills and a walk down Main St.  Once we got home we enjoyed 1-year-old wedding cake.  It really wasn’t that bad.


Mexican Honeymoon

A week of relaxing on the beaches of the Mayan Riviera was just what was needed after months of planning our wedding and Scott’s crazy work schedule.

We made it to the Cancun airport around 2:30 and then waited in customs line for an hour.  We made light of it by talking to the couple in front of us and laughing at everyone’s reaction as they came down the escalator.  After customs and Scott’s random bag check, we headed out to meet our ride to the hotel.  Then we waited about 20 minutes for the van, with the world’s worst driver to show up.

Waiting for the van

After dropping off a people at their resorts and the crazy driving I was starting to feel car sick, I’m never car sick and then our driver completely missed a speed bump and ran it full force.  Needless to say, he did not get much of a tip from us.

Once at our resort we checked and were taken around and had a quick tour of the grounds and restaurant.  Then we raced to find food.  We were sat at a corner table that had a front row view of the ocean.  It was the most peaceful dinner I had had in a long time.  I think at that moment, my headache disappeared, I was full and starting to relax.  We then went for a walk on the beach and found some chairs to sit on and watch the waves.

On Monday we decided that it was a full on beach day.  We still had to meet with our on resort travel guide.  We met with Ariel and were given lots of off resort excursions to think about.  We headed back after lunch and beach time and picked out the Ek Balam tour and snorkeling.  Plus we found out there were buses leaving from the resort going to Cancun and Playa del Carmen.  We had our week planned out for us with plenty of relaxing time included.  So we headed to the beach to chill out.

On Tuesday we decided that we would head into Cancun to see the city.  Little did we know that shopping there would be like shopping at home, in a mall.

Lunch in Cancun

We did walk down the road to another mall and found a few shops that were worth getting some souvenirs.

View from the Cancun Mall

We headed back to the resort for some more beach time and then dinner at the Italian restaurant at the resort and then a walk on the beach and lounging under the stars.

On Wednesday we  had our first excursion.  An all day trip to Ek Balam, a Mayan ruin, and then to a Mayan village to see a sink hole.

Ek Balam

View from half way up

We just finished walking down

We returned to the resort exhausted.  We cleaned up and headed to the fondue restaurant to relax.  The food there was much better than the Melting Pot.

On Thursday, we had a 1/2 day excursion lined up.  After a delay and mix up with the buses we were finally able to get to Puerto Morelas for some snorkeling.  We went out in the second largest barrier reef in the world.  Our tour guides were great!  They would go down and find sealife and bring it up for us to touch.  We saw lobsters, sting ray, sea crab, eels and countless fish.  We had a quick lunch and almost missed our bus ride back to the resort.

Our lunch view

Once we returned we headed straight to the beach until it was time for our couples massage.  The massage was outside over the ocean and extremely relaxing.  After a quick shower it was time for our candle light dinner on the beach.

Dinner on the beach

On Friday, our last full day in paradise we decided to make it a beach day.  We found a great spot on the beach and hung out for most of the day.

Friday night we took a bus into Playa del Carmen.  The shopping was much better and people watching was great.  We were able to buy a few more things and then find a nice Mexican food restaurant for dinner.  We were sat right on the street and had great entertainment for the night.

Dinner in Playa

On Saturday it was time to leave and head back to reality.  Of course we did have some issues with our ride to the airport showing up on time.  Those Mexican Minutes did not sit well with us, especially when we had a huge line at the airport to get through.  We made it and had time to spare waiting at our gate.

It was a great honeymoon, and now to start spending the rest of our lives together!


I think our reception went off without a problem.  We arrived at the venue a little early after getting all our pictures taken around the city.  It was seriously time to cool down and try to get more pictures around the venue done before the guests arrive.

We managed to get some great pictures in the basement and had fun with all the artwork.

©2011 davidjstudios photography

©2011 davidjstudios photography

Once guests started to arrive we had another receiving line so we could officially great everyone.  It allowed us time to actually sit and eat dinner.  After dinner the DJ officially announced us with Nelly’s Country Grammar playing in the background.  We had to represent STL!  After that we had our dances and then it was time for everyone to come out and dance.

Bachelorette Girls!

Scott and I were able to sneak away have a few more pictures taken before the night was through.  After the official reception was over, our friend Nick had a VIP section reserved for us at the new 360 club.  Our view was the Arch!  And to top off our wedding night we had fireworks over the Arch for us to watch.

Watching the fireworks


It truly was the perfect end to a perfect day!

Rehearsal and Dinner

The Friday before the wedding was a little crazy.  Sam and Jerry came into town at 10am and once they arrived at the house we were out the door for the rest of the week.    Andrew, Kyle and Jerry went on a tour of Andrew’s life in St. Louis.  While the girls went to get our nails done and then lunch.  Scott was out the door by 8:30 to give a presentation at 10:30.

Lunch was a lot of fun, my mom, Aunt Debbie and all my bridesmaid hung out and relaxed.  After lunch the sky opened up and a major downpour started.  I wasn’t sure we would still be able to have the dinner outside as planned.  With a made dash to the cars, we made our way downtown to the hotel and started getting dressed for the rehearsal.

Of course, with the rain and wet roads we were late getting to the rehearsal and Scott was a little worried.  I did manage to forget the marriage license at the hotel.  Thankfully, one of my cousins was able to bring that to the dinner and all was good.

The family at Molly's

Molly’s was able to set up a tent for us and we were still able to have the party outside.  It was great to catch up with my Omaha family and see my newest cousin, Jackson.  Everyone seemed to have a great time getting to know each other.  The entire wedding party throughly enjoyed the gifts that they were given.

After everyone left Molly’s a few of us decided to go to Llywelyn’s.  It was after a quick switch to flip flops and a short walk that we all arrived.  It was nice to chat with my cousin Jeff, who got married last year.

My MOH and I

Kyle and I

He was able to give some advice and remind me to relax while on our honeymoon.  Around 11, the girls and Jerry left and headed back to the hotel, as we had a busy morning ahead of us.

Last pre-wedding weekend

It was our last pre-wedding weekend, finally!  I think I’ve been counting down to this since March.  Not only because I’m excited to be getting married but the planning will be over!

This weekend was extremely productive yet fun.  Friday night I met up with the Birch’s to watch the girls in Oklahoma at Crestwood pool.  Catherine was in the chorus and Elizabeth was a dancer and in the chorus.  Both did an excellent job and Benton held his own with the spotlights.  It was extremely hot and Mathew and I enjoy snow cones at intermission.  Scott ended up working till 4am Saturday morning and missed out on the fun.

On Saturday Zipf made her way out to the house to help wrap almonds.  We did have to do a Wal-Mart run for more ribbon and some extra goodies but we managed to get all the almonds done.  And a few things were sent to the florist in between.  I even had plenty of time to go to Kinkos/FedEx to get the programs dropped off.  Scott then worked till 2am Sunday morning and Reily and I watched movies Saturday night.

All the almonds

By Sunday, all we had to do was get the frames for the seating chart and pick up the programs from Kinkos/FedEx.  We stopped at Michael’s for more ribbon and baskets.  Then headed to Scott’s parents house.  We managed to get all the programs tied together in record time with a little help from his parents!  The baskets have the ribbon on them as well.  After a quick game of Dirty Neighbor we were off to the Cards/Cubs game.  Although the Cardinals didn’t win, but won the series, it was still a fun game to go to.



Cards/Cubs game

Now, I just need to print the formal seating chart at Kinkos/FedEx and we are officially just waiting till Saturday to get here!  How nice is that?!

Holy Crap!

Three more weeks till the wedding!  It’s scary when you actually just look at a calendar and see the lack of weekends that are left and the things that are on the To Do List dwindle down.

I’m so happy to say that I think I’m right on track of what is left to do (programs) and that is the only major thing left.  And still it’s coming of with in the reasonable cost range that my parents gave us.  It’s not over the top and it’s not looking cheap.

However, three weeks and the stress of it all will be over and I will be happily sitting on a beach!