Christmas Vacation

I haven’t had a real Christmas vacation since high school.  The kind where you aren’t working, no school and just having fun or relaxing.  Thanks to my HR department and my timely start I have 60 hours that I have to burn by December 31st.  Of course our office is closed the week of Christmas so I have to use the time before December 21st.


Oh what to do with myself for the 8 work days I have off?!  So far, I’ve managed to get some shopping in and cleaning.  I think these few days off are really going to kick start my nesting desires.  I believe a few batches of cookies will be made and most of all, I’ll be enjoying afternoon naps!

Merry Christmas to me!


New Job

It’s official, I’ve left Lindenwood and couldn’t be happier.  After a year or so of dealing with a bipolar dean, I decided my time at Lindenwood was over.  My friend mentioned an opening at her company and I quickly got my resume together and she helped push it through HR.

After one quick interview and day of waiting I found out that I got the job and pay increase.  There are some nice benefits to the new job.  Scott and I can carpool to work, I get to see the Arch every day, and I work in a happy environment.  I get to see this everyday too:

Mighty Mississippi

Things are looking good at MAC Meetings and Events!

Officially Employed

I am fully employed by Lindenwood University as of this week.  I’ve been doing temp work for a couple of months and then they decided to reorganize the department I was in and start interviewing people.  After waiting for a few weeks and watching other people interview, I was finally informed that I was going to be hired and that they were waiting on HR, one person, to officially OK me.

Once I received the official OK, we went over the terms of my contract and my inability to negotiate my salary…grrr.  I officially said yes to the job and my start date was to be early May.  Due to Office Team needing a final back ground check on me my start date was pushed back to May 12th.

I am now gainfully (kinda) employed at the University and get a few University perks, like free tuition for Scott (once we get married) and myself and health insurance!  Of course they are still a little behind the times and I’m only paid once a month and on real vacation time until after a year but I get to build up some time from now till July when the new year starts for the school.  So I’ll take the ups with the downs and they are willing to work with me and my crazy schedule around the wedding this summer!


Last night I finally completed my SLAR (St. Louis Association of REALTOR®) training.  It was a class that I was signed up to take back in November but with my parents visiting I put it off till last night.  The training wasn’t anything new and it was just a few refreshers but I offically and finally received my REALTOR® pin. 

It was nice to see some people who I hadn’t seen since my initital 48 hour class or from other firms that I see only on my monthly Tours.  Overall the class was great to go to, even if it was a 3 hour class after a very long day.  But it just makes me feel much more accepted in the Real Estate community.

New Year, New Changes Already

This week has been interesting.  It was going along smoothly and normal until Thursday.  I went into the office to get some information on HUD housing, since I had a HUD house showing on Friday.  I figured I’d run into my co-worker and get some help or at least talk with fellow agents or our managers to get my questions answered.

After checking in with a couple other agents I walked over to my co-worker’s desk only to find it was cleaned out.  I was then entering our Broker/Manager’s office to get up to speed with the new changes.  She was leaving the agency and going into investment real estate.  Although it wasn’t a huge shock, she had informed me that major changes were coming but I didn’t know the extent of it.  We didn’t have our regular Wednesday meeting for me to get updated before they made it official.

Now my new role is that I’m staying with the agency and keeping my license with them.  I’m also going to be taking on everything by myself.  It’s more of a role that I’ve been thinking about taking on and now I have the push I was needing.  I’ll be making calls to get listings and still working with buyers.  I’m very excited to take on this role and now I get to do things my way and learn from other agents.

Another milestone, this is my 100th post!  Wow, two and a half years in STL and 100 posts.  I should pick up the pace a bit.

Real Estate Business

It’s official, I’m a REALTOR®!  After many frustrating tries at the National and Missouri Real Estate tests, I’ve passed and have sent all my information into the the Missouri Real Estate Commission (MREC).

I’ve started training with my brokerage firm.  I’m back on a schedule.  Monday’s are contract training, Tuesday’s are office meetings and caravan, Wednesday – Friday is training with our broker-owner and then making calls or meetings.

It is very exciting starting a new career with many possibilities.  I’m starting as a Buyer’s Agent with an established agent.  I have so much to learn from her that I’m looking forward to any feedback that I get from her on any project that she has me doing.

The first 48…

I finally started taking the official steps to getting my real estate license this week.  It starts with the 48 hour class and then the licensing test.  The week has been challenging, there has been so much to learn and remember.  The teacher has been great at giving us plenty of test prep questions and letting us know what to expect on the actual test.

Now we have to get through Monday and all the Missouri state laws and take the practice test on Tuesday.  Then it’s time for the real deal!  So much stress in the next few days but hopefully it will be all over in a week!